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May 3 – Welcome to an old style winter.

Big Bra Boom

May 3 – Welcome to an old style winter.

Do you remember the days when it was hot in summer and cold in winter? In summer we all went to the beach and got sunburnt and in winter we had soup and cooked our toast and ourselves on the heater. Winter was the surfing season. Swell after swell rolled through. Over the last few years the lines between summer and winter have blurred. Good waves in summer, a milder winter. The reason - call it el nino, la nina, global warming, central heating, extended shopping hours, who knows? This week an old style winter is back. It’s cold and its wet and the waves have gone BOOM! My spies are everywhere and this is what has been reported.

Maroubra – “BOOM!”

Tamarama – “BOOM!”

Fairy Bower – “BOOM!”

Bondi – “Pfft!” Well the swell has had more East than South in it.

That’s going to change soon as my chief forecaster has indicated a new swell from the South on its way and that means Bondi – “BOOM!” You ripper! Where’s my bigger board?

Bill Franks

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