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April 27 –The Good News is…

Parko Wins Bells 2011


Where has everybody gone…If you’ve been in Bondi for a few years you know this time of year the place turns into a ghost town. Accompanied by 10 days of rain and SE winds (how many years has it been since it didn’t rain at Easter?), the only tourists around are the one or two busloads that drop off folk for a 20-minute browse. You know the ones. You see them rolling their pants to mid-shin and while in ankle-deep water a wave comes through and WHOOOSHKA!! (More about that another day). So what’s the good news? Well if you’re a regular at Bondi you know these facts:

1.       The water is warm. Still registering 21 Celsius. The Southerly wind keeps it warm (Click here and learn why)

2.       The waves are less crowded.

3.       Even though it looks uninviting there are still fun waves to be had.

4.       One set of flags means more of the beach to surf.

5.       You can dust off that glass board and surf it more or less wherever you like.

6.       You are inspired by Parko’s win at Bells and need to practice your vertical Reo’s, rock n’ roll foam climbs and roundhouse cutties while they’re still fresh in your head.


So grab your board and get involved. It only takes one wave to make it worthwhile and some regular paddling means you’ll be in-sync when the waves are firing again.


See you out there!


Bill Franks.

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