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Bodyboard Boogie
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Who is this course for?

Individuals or groups wanting to try boogie-boarding at Bondi Beach.


1hr $140 1.5hrs $175


1 hour or 1.5 hours

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Course Details

Body-boarding (also known as boogie-boarding) is a super-fun way to ride the waves without the pressure to stand up. It’s also a terrific way to get used to being in the surf, learn how to paddle onto waves and lay the foundation for riding a surfboard in the future. We’ll show you all the basics of how to ride a body-board, make sure you’re using your arms and legs correctly and get you zipping down those magic Bondi Beach waves before you can shout ‘woo-hoo!’

About your surf lesson:
  • Book as a private lesson or come as a group
  • Taught by friendly, hand-picked local and international surf coaches
  • Covers all the basics: from warm-up, to swimming out, paddling and catching waves
  • Includes important surf and safety rules
  • Relaxed, supportive vibe
  • Professional and well organised
  • Massive fun!

  • 1 hour private lesson
    • 1 person: $140
    • Each extra person $75

  • 1.5 hour private lesson
    • 1 person: $175
    • Each extra person $85

  • Family
    • 2 adults and up to 3 kids for 1 hour: $350
    • (Maximum of 5 people)

Prices valid until March 31 2011

Adults and children same price

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What’s Included:

Boogie-board, flippers and wetsuit rental and sunblock