Be Bold For Change….Change Your World by Brenda Miley – The Business Woman in Boardshorts!

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21 years ago, as I walked out on my job as a PE teacher, my mum said ‘Please don’t leave teaching, it’s such a good job for a woman‘.  I agreed, but kept on walking into my own business, where luckily, I was still a teacher, just a teacher of all things surfing.  I’d left the security of a full time teaching career, to the unknown of this new idea of trying to make a living out of teaching surfing.  Rewind to the early 90s, there were not really any surf schools, a fledgling surf school industry was developing but everything had to be created from scratch.   So with an adventurous spirit and a preparedness to take risks to follow a passion deep within me,  I set up Lets Go Surfing (LGS) in 1995 out the back of a van at Bondi Beach, with 5 surfboards and an idea to promote women in surfing.

My life as a surfing instructor started then, but my journey in the ocean,  started way before that.  Way before there were women’s wetsuits (that actually made you look OK). Way before it was universally accepted to be a female surfer in the line up.  It started with a passion for the ocean that came from within when I caught my first wave on my dad’s back when I was 3.  It continued as I bodysurfed the shore dump at Coogee at 8. It continued as I walked everyday of the school holidays from Coogee to Tamarama  with a bodyboard under my arm, to spend 6 hours in the water and then to walk home again at the age of 12.  When I turned 14 I started riding a coolite at Tamarama, then as I progressed to a fibreglass board at 16, I cut my teeth at Maroubra and then finally Bondi Beach!

With the surfing bug fully entrenched in my life, I competed in all levels of competition from club level through to Australian titles, and discovered the absolute joy of travelling the world to surf.   It was often daunting, being the only woman in the surf.  I wanted to change the way girls experienced surfing and wanted to encourage them, so teaching surfing was the next step.  After setting up LGS, there were a lot of women who also wanted a women’s only boardriders club.  I set up Bondi Girls Surfriders Club (BGSR) in 1999 with some other like minded surfer girls, so women could feel safe to be able to compete in a girls only club and not feel embarrassed when constantly being compared to the boys.

Armed with a passion for teaching, surfing and making a difference to women’s lives, I discovered running a surf school was exactly what I was meant to be doing.  Fast forward to 2017, LGS is an award winning business, operating at Bondi, Maroubra and Byron Bay.  It is an equal opportunity employer for both men and women.  I am surrounded by an incredible team of women working in a range of areas from surf coaching , to marketing, business development, customer service and accounts.  I have proudly supported women to develop careers at LGS , having families along the way, without ever thinking about a glass ceiling!  When I look out to the surf and see women of all ages catching waves, I feel a sense of pride and happiness.   I still love a tropical surfing holiday and continue to search for new locations and adventures, all the while being the “Business Woman in Boardshorts”…. Sorry mum, sometimes you’ve just gotta change your world to live the life you want!

Mardi Gras!

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Mardi Gras is coming to Sydney for the 39th year!


This spectacular event brings people from all around the world for a celebration of the LGBTQI community! The main event – the Mardi Gras Parade is on the 4th of March from 7 PM and is a must see, full of glitz and glam!


While in Sydney enjoying all of the fun and parties, get down to Bondi Beach for a refreshing swim or surf!


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Surfing with DanTDM- TheDiamondMinecart

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Working at Lets Go Surfing in Bondi Beach, I’m lucky enough to teach people from many walks of life to surf, but it isn’t every day I teach someone like DanTDM.

Dan TDM is a Youtube personality and professional gamer who goes by the handle The Diamond Minecart. His Utube channel has over 13.8 million subscribers! Check out his Vlog  about his surfing experience below sourced from his Utube Channel.

Dan came to Australia this Summer and wanted to learn to surf… where better than world famous Bondi Beach! Dan came along to his lesson,  equipped with a GoPro and his own personal camera man to capture all the thrills and spills of our time in the water. Dan is pretty good at ‘surfing the net’ as his fans are all very aware, however this was his first time surfing waves which requires some pretty different skills. After three warm-up waves, Dan was up and riding all the way into shore, which was pretty impressive for a first timer!

Not only did Dan have myself cheering him on, he had lots of young fans who were in other Lets Go Surfing surf lessons giving him lots of encouragement. Dan managed to stand up on every single wave, and even did a few turns! It was obvious Dan was having a great time, as he couldn’t wipe his smile off his face!

At the end of the lesson, lots of kids and parents stopped and asked Dan to get a photo with Dan, in which Dan was more than happy to pose for! Thanks again for coming to surf with us Dan! We hope to have you back for another lesson next time you come back to Australia!


Senior Instructor at LGS

Christmas shopping with the LGS Santa

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Surfing with Steph Gilmore

Location: 5:00 pm

As surf instructors on some of the world’s best beaches we think we have the best job in the world! This week we had the opportunity to meet someone who perhaps has an even better job…travelling the world to surf the best waves on offer.. STEPH GILMORE!

Steph is a 6 x world champion and we were lucky enough to have her help out as a guest surf instructor. The lucky girls in the lesson were invited to Bondi by ROXY and the morning was full of surfing and fun on the beach followed by a delicious healthy breakfast at The Bucket List. 

Steph’s hot tips surfing tips are:

  • Stay low when you first stand up
  • Make sure you smile and have lots of fun!


Our  photographer Shaun was taking some awesome shots so check them out!

Thanks to everyone involved on the day and special thanks to Steph for being such a champ!

Stars of The East with Brenda Miley

Location: 4:51 pm
I’m a surfer… not a hip hop dancer?! But I will do anything for a good cause….
This month Brenda (Surf School founder) is involved with ‘Stars of The East: Dance For Cancer’
She is trying to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Council NSW & would love your support. Brenda is learning a hip hop dance (more videos to come to show you all her progress) to raise awareness and money for the Cancer Council.
We are all touched by cancer in our lives personally or through someone close to us. Check out the video to see our personal connection with Cancer & please click the link below to donate to help make a difference! 🙂
Thanks very much! Love Brenda

UFC Fighters take on the Surf at Bondi Beach

Location: 1:50 pm

It’s not very often that you get to teach UFC champion fighters how to surf. 

Today Shannon and I coached Rich Walsh and Kyle Noke 2 of Australia’s best UFC fighters! Not only are these two of Australia’s toughest athletes but also champion blokes.

Kyle grew up on the Sunshine Coast and enjoys surfing,  Rich had never surfed before and was a bit hesitant to get in the water telling me “I think I will only be out there for 10 minutes”. However Shannon, Kyle and I convinced Rich that he would be hooked on a new sport as soon as he started…

On our way down to the beach both the guys  had to stop to talk to the camera, shake hands and kiss some babies.. the life of being a some of Australia’s best UFC fighters.

Shannon and I gave them a quick surf pep talk and then we hit the water, in the first set both the boys caught waves and rode them like pros! Their surfing talent came to no surprise to Shannon and I as they are very fit and strong professional athletes!

The lesson seemed more like a fun surf session with mates. The UFC boys were catching their own waves and paddling out wanting more. By the end of the lesson they were both feeling the surfers stoke and Rich said that surfing was one of the best things he had done (hopefully he takes it up as a hobby).

It was awesome to have Rich Walsh and Kyle Noke come down and surf with us. We wish them all the best in their upcoming fights and hope to see them out in the water again soon.

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Benjamin Law tries out a Surf Lesson at Bondi

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Originally Posted in the Good Weekender  Author: Benjamin Law

Asians and surfing didn’t mix, I’d decided. But now I’m based in Sydney…

Growing up in coastal Queensland, the cool kids at school – the really cool kids – were the surfers. They were the hot white boys with sun-kissed hair, still damp at assembly, with names like Ty and Orin. On casual clothes days, they’d rock up in Billabong T-shirts with the obnoxious slogan, “Only a Surfer Knows the Feeling.”Yeah, well only a disciplined clarinettist knows the feeling of nailing the Les Misérables medley with the school band,” I’d think darkly, adjusting my orthodontic plate.

Still, part of me envied the surfers. So in year 12, when we got to choose PE electives, I stupidly opted for surf lifesaving. Week one ended with me and Ceci – the Brazilian exchange student with anxiety issues – holding onto our boards for dear life, screaming, as people were sent in to rescue us. Attempts to surf as an adult didn’t go great, either, such as when I cut my foot open in South Australia and left blood all over the sand. Asians and surfing didn’t mix, I decided.

But now I’m based in Sydney – where the world’s best beaches are only a bus ride away – it seems a waste not to know how to surf properly.

So I sucked it up and registered online to join a bunch of beginners with one aim: to catch a wave and stand on a surfboard at Bondi Beach.

Will, our instructor from Bondi’s Let’s Go Surfing, has been surfing here since he was a little kid. “There wasn’t much to do here except surfing and rugby,” he says happily.

“It’s the best sport,” Will’s colleague Sam says, “but also the most difficult.”

“It is difficult,” Will agrees, “but just have fun. And if you mess it up, it just makes it hilarious for us.”

After dragging our longboards onto the sand, Will teaches us how to paddle (feet near the fins) and the quick four-step motion to stand up. “And that’s it! Everyone ready?” Will says. We laugh nervously. “Sweet as,” he says.

We expect the water to be freezing, but it’s warm and womby. Once we’ve paddled out, Will pushes us off on waves, one by one. I do the four-step motion and suddenly I’m upright, levitating and god-like – dear god, I’m surfing! – and it’s brilliant.

Surfing is like being in a theme park, in a way: lots of waiting to catch an exhilarating ride that only lasts for seconds. And as soon as it’s over, you immediately line up again. But hey, I don’t need to explain it to my fellow surfers, right? We totally already know the feeling.

Benjamin Law

Southcoast Adventure

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Want to know what our instructors do on their days off? Check out what Assistant Maroubra Manager Lars gets up to….

The forecast looked so perfect last weekend I had to go on a trip (and so should you next time)! I installed the bed in the Subaru Outback, boards on the roof and waved Sydney goodbye for the weekend.

It takes around 1,5hr to find yourself between farms, sheltered beaches and bushland. Together with my girlfriend we surfed twice a day, 4 different surf spots in 2 days and drove a good 340km.

You don’t need to know where to go, you just gotta go and search!

Fun 2ft+ surf, offshore winds and surf all to ourselves! Coffees after the surf, lunch at the beach and another surf before sunset, life feels pretty damn good then! The fun thing is, every spot I had never surfed before. So what I try to say is, ”you don’t need to know where to go, you just gotta go and search!”

I get the opportunity to motivate many others as a surf coach to get out there and seek an adventure, hopefully this video will do the same to you!

Summer is coming..

Location: , 4:05 pm

Being a Surf Instructor is a dream job!! Spending hours on the beach, sunshine, happy times, clear water and getting to share the stoke of surfing with people from all over the world! Doesn’t get any better right?

Well, some might forget that LGS coaches do up to 5 lessons a day (one of our most respected coaches, Shannon has done 7 on one day!). That is a lot of physical work, carrying big 9ft boards along the beach, pushing adults on to waves and entertaining the kids in the afterschool programs…phew no wonder we have to stay so fit.

To be qualified as a surf coach at LGS we are required to have a Level 1 Surfing Instructor course, Swim test, Ocean Safety Surf Coach Award or Bronze Medallion, Ocean Rescue Test, First Aid, Advanced Resuscitation & Working With Children Check. We are very qualified as you can see…

Last Monday was the day the LGS team looks forward to every year, or do we? We get down to the beach for the re qualification of our First Aid and OSSCA! It makes for a good get together, cheer each other on so we can push ourselves to the limit and break our personal best..

8am we met at the pool to partake in a 500m pool swim which had to be done under 10 minutes! That’s not all for the day, we were then off to Bondi for the classic swim, run, paddle, run (all 300m). The rest of the afternoon is filled with the latest First Aid and CPR training.

Every year this day makes for great moments so enjoy a bit of behind the scenes of Let’s Go Surfing.

Thanks to John from APOLA for delivering every year a great day!

Sound fun and want to work with us? Check out our Jobs Page.

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