Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

I was toweling off and reflecting on my latest surf the other day when the next carload of surfers rolled up. I’d had a great time, and though not perfect, I was amazed the guys didn’t just grab their sticks and hit it straight off. Instead they looked and conferred. This was their mistake. The mistake that led to the avalanche of excuses that suffocated any hope of catching a wave this day.
“I haven’t got much time. It’s a bit fat. It’s too small. It’s a bit wonky. I’m tired. My shoulder’s sore. My back is sore. I’ve got a rash. I had better yesterday. I’ll go it tomorrow.” (We are talking about surfing here remember).
C’mon peeps! Just suit up and get out there! How often do you make it into the line-up and then throw these excuses around. After I’d heard the 1st half dozen deliberations, and the indecision that followed, I knew what was going to happen. The boys had successfully talked themselves out of what would have been a good time. My advice is simple, just like you can’t catch fish with your line out of the water, and you can’t score runs sitting in the dressing sheds, there’s no catching waves with your board strapped to the roof of your car! See you in the line-up.

Bill Franks

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