A day in the life of a Surf Instructor

Tuesday morning, 6.30AM and the sun is shining through my window so I jump out of bed and check the surf; calm seas and not much wind, beauty of a day!

A quick breakfast and with lunch in my hand I make the short walk to the beach towards the LGS Maroubra surf school. I meet fellow surf coach Jackson with who I start the day. As we get into our wetsuits and slather sunscreen and zinc on our face, we discuss the waves we scored the last few days.

Soon our first novice surfers walk in and we get them geared up with a wetsuit and board. Everyone arrives and we all introduce ourselves while Jackson takes us through a short stretch. Everyone is frothing as the conditions are nice and the sun is out! The lesson is two hours in length and I still get stoked from seeing people riding their first wave and helping them get the feeling I experience every day.

At the end of the lesson we walk everyone back to the shop and give them some tips on how to keep practicing their new skills until their next surf session… We say goodbye to our new friends however there is no time to chill on a busy day, so I fuel up with a banana in my be
lly and welcome in the new students for lesson number two of the day.

Together with twin brothers Ned & Will we take the kids lesson down to the beach. For 1.5hr I push frothing kids on perfect ripples as they cheer each other up after getting
‘’the best wave of their life’’. The energy you get from smiling little surfers is all time!

Back at the shop again I have a quick break and swap wetsuits. For a coach a dry wetsuit is as winning the lottery. My next lesson is a 1hr, 1 on 1 private lesson. To work closely and personal with someone and get them stoked for life on surfing is a good feeling! That was my 3rd and last lesson of the day and my watch shows me 2pm. Time for a surf myself!


But before I can even grab my board our shop manager Dan ask if I could do another private lesson with a backpacker who has only 1 day in Sydney. So I do what anyone would do and say for sure and get prepared for one more lesson.

The European backpacker ‘’Tom’’ did amazing and really made that last lesson of the day very enjoyable. Telling me that this was one of his best experiences of his trip really made my day!

Four lessons down and it’s time for sleep…..not! It’s time for a wave! Even though my day was jam packed and I was in the water all day, its not going to stop me for changing wetsuits for the third time that day, grabbing my board and surfing until the sun sets!

At the end of the day I am completely exhausted I eat for 2 and crash in bed. Ready to do it all again tomorrow!

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