Old, unusable wetsuits and what to do with them.

What does Lets Go Surfing do with 250 beaten up (old/broken/..?) wetsuits? And what can you with yours?

Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter… we use wetsuits all year round, if it is for warmth or sun protection we use a lot of wetties! We are a very busy surf school after all!

So what do we do with our wetsuits when they have seen their best days? They are worn out, ripped, have broken zippers you name it! Most wetsuits on the market are made of petroleum based non-biodegradable materials. So landfill is not an option. Simple.

We send old wetsuits to our friends from Tyre Crumb down in Victoria, they are our heroes!

The wetsuits get crumbed down together with shoes, they throw in recycled tyre rubber and you are left with an amazing mix that can be used for sports grounds, matting, flooring and much more.

Last week we sent 14 boxes with more than 250 wetsuits of recycled wetsuits to Victoria. For us this completes a 2 year long struggle to find a place for our old wetties and we are stoked that they are going somewhere to be remade into something useful rather than going into landfill!

Now, what about your wrecked wetsuit?

Lets Go Surfing wants to help you out!

You can now drop off your old wetsuit (* see conditions regarding wetsuit drop off) at any of our LGS Check in Centres at Bondi, Maroubra and Byron. Your wetsuit will be crumbed down together with ours into a gazillion pieces and have a new purpose!

See below the locations for any of the drop off spots/centers?

*We can only accept wetsuits that are fully dry and free of sand

Bondi – Lets Go Surfing

128 Ramsgate Ave, North Bondi

Phone: 93651800

Maroubra – Lets Go Surfing

7 Marine Pde, Maroubra

Phone: 93446100

Byron – Lets Go Surfing

Cavanbah Arcade, 6/4 Jonson St, Byron Bay (inside the The Wreck Surf Shop)

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