What to pack on an OS surf trip

So you booked your first surf trip down to that tropical paradise, ready to get the wave of your dream! As this is not your regular holiday trip you realize you have to bring a whole lot different gear than you usually do. Don’t freak out yet, we have got you covered with a list of the basic, but essential things to bring.

  1. Travel board bag
  2. Your board (if possible more than 1. Depending on location and expected surf)
  3. Dry bag for valuables on boat trips or hard to get to locations
  4. Surf Wax (for the specific water temp) and wax comb
  5. Boardshorts, reef booties & wetsuit(top)
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Towel
  8. Sunscreen / Zink (water resistant)
  9. Ding repair kit. Solar easy fix kit for cracks and holes. Stickers for quick repairs
  10. Extra set of fins
  11. Extra leash
  12. Fin key
  13. Board straps (When using a taxi or other transport is good to have your own)
  14. Insect repellent
  15. Medication (Make sure you bring the usual stuff to have on hand)
  16. First Aid Kit (Travel size, with essentials to disinfect cuts etc)
  17. Camera / GoPro
  18. Passport & Driver’s license

Make sure you check if you need any vaccinations for your trip and update on time as some need multiply shots spread out over several weeks.

If you need any advise on what to pack or where to go feel free to give us a call, we love to chat about surf trips (we also sell lots of the items on that list, just come and visit us).

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