Surfing with DanTDM- TheDiamondMinecart

Working at Lets Go Surfing in Bondi Beach, I’m lucky enough to teach people from many walks of life to surf, but it isn’t every day I teach someone like DanTDM.

Dan TDM is a Youtube personality and professional gamer who goes by the handle The Diamond Minecart. His Utube channel has over 13.8 million subscribers! Check out his Vlog  about his surfing experience below sourced from his Utube Channel.

Dan came to Australia this Summer and wanted to learn to surf… where better than world famous Bondi Beach! Dan came along to his lesson,  equipped with a GoPro and his own personal camera man to capture all the thrills and spills of our time in the water. Dan is pretty good at ‘surfing the net’ as his fans are all very aware, however this was his first time surfing waves which requires some pretty different skills. After three warm-up waves, Dan was up and riding all the way into shore, which was pretty impressive for a first timer!

Not only did Dan have myself cheering him on, he had lots of young fans who were in other Lets Go Surfing surf lessons giving him lots of encouragement. Dan managed to stand up on every single wave, and even did a few turns! It was obvious Dan was having a great time, as he couldn’t wipe his smile off his face!

At the end of the lesson, lots of kids and parents stopped and asked Dan to get a photo with Dan, in which Dan was more than happy to pose for! Thanks again for coming to surf with us Dan! We hope to have you back for another lesson next time you come back to Australia!


Senior Instructor at LGS

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