What to do in Byron Bay

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Looking for some tips on one of Australia’s hottest holiday destinations.

Sabrina spent some time in Byron discovering the best sights, sounds and delights while she was there.

Byron Bay: the ultimate destination on Australia’s East Coast for those looking to soak up the sun, surf the waves, cruise the streets, indulge in tasty eats, and do some damage on their credit cards…because let’s get real, all the cute clothing boutique shops are hard to resist! I spent a week here in December 2018 and decided if Australia didn’t quarantine dogs upon arrival and my best friends come along, I’d spend the winter months here (their summer). 

Check out her guide to Byron here

Helpful tips for beginner surfers

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Becoming a proficient surfer can be a long and sometimes arduous journey. Noticeable progression can be particularly slow especially when you first start. So here’s a list of some of the most common errors beginners surfers make, brought to you by the friendly and professional coaching team at Lets Go Surfing.

1. Board Selection 

Beginner surfers need big boards. The bigger the board, the more stable and buoyant it will be. This will maximise the amount of waves you’re able to catch, therefore allowing you to practice your pop-up and stance more often. Small, thin fiberglass boards are essentially the sports cars of the surfing world. They’re designed to be ultra light, fast, and fluid on the waves. But you wouldn’t teach someone to drive in a ferrari, so grab yourself a big, durable soft-top. If in doubt, bigger is better. And if you’re not sure of the right size for you, come check out our huge range of boards and have a chat to one of our soft-board specialists.

2. The conditions. 

It’s always important to assess the conditions before you go surfing. I always like to watch the ocean for at least 20 minutes before I venture out. How big are the waves? How frequent are the sets? Learn to identify the rips and currents. Know your limits and you won’t find yourself too far outside of your comfort zone. Generally speaking, smaller, more gentle waves are better for beginners. We highly recommend some surf lessons with a qualified instructor who will be able to teach you the ins and outs of swells, sandbanks, winds, tides and all the factors that affect the waves.

3. Position whilst paddling.

If you’ve already had some lessons with us, you’ve probably heard this next line a few times! “Keep your toes on the tail.” When you’re riding a large board its a good idea to keep your toes positioned on the edge of the tail. Too far forward and your likely to nose dive. Too far back and you’ll create too much drag and struggle to catch waves. Keep your body straight, and raise your chest and chin, allowing your ribs and lower half take most of your body weight. This will improve your balance and allow for a stronger paddle stroke.

4. Using knees when you pop up.

Probably one of the most common, yet easiest bad habits to correct is using your knees when you pop up. For many, the initial pop up is the hardest skill to master. Using your knees not only unbalances you, but it will also make progression much, much slower. Practice your pop up on the sand before you enter the water and regularly at home to build muscle memory and become accustomed to the technique. When you’re in the water, slow down your movements. People tend to use their knees when they panic and try to rush the pop-up. Take it easy! You’ve always got more time than you think you have.

5. Knees bent.

Bending your knees lowers your entire centre of gravity and improves your balance. You can compare it to suspension on a push-bike. Bent knees will absorb any bumps you may encounter along the wave. Just remember to bend from the knees and not from the back. Bending your back, in an attempt to get low on the board, pushes your head off-centre from above the board. Your head is the heaviest part of your body, so it’s super important for your balance to have it over the surfboard.

I hope these tips help you this summer! Remember, the best way to get better at surfing is to get in the ocean as much as possible. If you think you’d like some extra guidance, come see us at Lets Go Surfing to organise a lesson or have a chat about your surfing journey.


Summer = Soft boards!

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Summer is officially here! For most of use that means cricket, barbeques and long days at the beach. But for surfers, particularly those of us in Bondi, it means something else too… foamie season.

“Foamies” also know as softboards, softies, softtops etc

Foamies have come a looong way from the old coolites you might find hidden away in your parents garage. They were thick, they were heavy, and the ever-present red raw rash on your chest after a surf was almost a rite of passage for grommets everywhere.

Foamies now come in all shapes and sizes. No longer are foamies exclusively the domain of beginner surfers. With everything from five foot finless Beater boards for surfers looking for something a little different, to eight foot single fin logs for surfers who are happy to cruise and do it with style. Twin-fins, thrusters, quads. Round tails, square tails, swallow tails. The variety is incredible.

A new foamie might be the best investment you make this summer. Not only are you going to maximise the amount of time you spend in the water due to the sheer amount of fun you’ll be having. But it will also allow you to surf anywhere. Want to surf at Tamarama this summer? You’ll need a foamie. The whole northern end of Bondi…you guessed it, foamies only!

Any surfer will tell you the importance of having a diverse selection of boards. Here’s a quick look at the foamies that make up my summer quiver.

1.  Softlite Popstick 6’6”
My go-to board for when the waves are pumping. More of a traditional shortboard shape, the Popstick is designed with a little more rocker making it easier to take-off in larger, more powerful waves. Softlite boards are known to be extremely durable and the “Bone and Shanks” fin system makes experimenting with different fins easier than ever.

2. Catch Surf Odysea Plank 8’0”
They should rename this one the wave hog,because that’s what you’ll feel like in the water. The Odysea Plank is almost a cheat code for surfers. When everyone else is struggling to catch waves on those 1-2ft days you will almost feel sorry for them, but only for a second. You’ll be too occupied walking the board, nose-riding and even throwing a little old school flare into your turns.

3. Softech Kyuss King Rocket Fish 5’8”
A small wave weapon, and perhaps my favourite board at the moment. A generous amount of volume combined with the double sided slick and swallow tail provide you with tonnes of speed, allowing for long sweeping carves. Having this board in your quiver will motivate you to surf even on those mushy days where you ordinarily wouldn’t even bother.

Want to know more? Come in store and chat to our friendly staff as we have all of these boards in store plus more. We are the surfboard specialists and you can even demo the boards before you buy!

Australia and the South Pacific’s Best Surf Destinations and Camps list

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At Let’s Go Surfing, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality, customized instruction to all levels of surfers, which is why we’re so honoured to be listed on Flight Network’s Australia and the South Pacific’s Best Surf Destinations and Camps list. Flight Network is an acclaimed international travel agency that meticulously selected the top-notch destinations and camps for those looking to explore the waves of Australia and New Zealand.

In the article was mention of the authentic beach-town vibe that abounds in Byron Bay, making it a place that not only offers world renowned waves, but a laid-back environment that invites you to kick back and say awhile. Adding to the charm of this area is the pristine northern climate and the fascinating collection of surfing legends, musicians, movie stars and more who you might just share a wave with.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable Australian surf holiday, Let’s Go Surfing at Byron Bay is the perfect surf school to find your inner balance, surf right off the main beach, and not be bothered with finding equipment, as it’s all included in the lesson price. We encourage surfers of all skill levels to check out our spot, as beginners are able to learn the basics and build their confidence on the board; while intermediate to advanced surfers are supported in the process of refining and improving their technique. We’re here to facilitate the thrilling experience of riding the waves at one of the most iconic surf destinations in the world.

Be sure to check out FlightNetwork out on Facebook and Twitter.

NSW Tourism Award Gold Winner and Hall of Fame

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Lets Go Surfing is very excited to announce they have won the prestigious Gold award for Adventure Tourism in the recent 2018 NSW Tourism Awards. This is the third consecutive year LGS has won this award which means they enter the NSW Tourism Awards Hall of Fame!

“We are stoked to win this award.  We had a dream to win at the NSW Tourism Awards once, a few years ago.   To win three years in a row and make the ‘Hall of Fame’ is a proud achievement and a testament to the passion and commitment our whole team demonstrates on the beach everyday, living our motto, ‘changing lives… one wave at a time’  Brenda Miley, LGS Founder & Surf School Director

The NSW Tourism Awards celebrate and acknowledge tourism businesses that have demonstrated outstanding achievement and success throughout the year.

Brenda Miley started Lets Go Surfing out of the back of a Kombi van on Bondi Beach in 1995 as an idea to encourage more women into surfing. In the years since, the team has grown to help thousands of people from all over the world learn to surf, developing confidence, focus and strength and most importantly…. have fun!

Lets Go Surfing has pioneered surfing in the tourism industry, providing local employment and training hundreds of staff and contributing to the local visitor economy.

“Our goal is to be ‘the world’s best surf school experience’ and this award really recognises and acknowledges the hard work our team put into making this goal a reality. Whether our feet are on the sand, on a board or in the office, our eyes are fixed on the horizon. Along with teaching, we’re focused on learning, improving and expanding, from our classes and products to our physical locations. We shoot for the stars and land on the waves. We’re living proof that surfing helps develop health, focus and a connection with self.. Changing lives one wave at a time.”

Wacca, LGS Managing Director

Lets Go Surfing would like to thank all of their customers for their support over the last 24 years and look forward to sharing the stoke of surfing with one and all.

Check out all the winners here.

Women on Waves Customer Profile

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Name: Lisa
Age: 49
Location: Bondi Beach
Thanks again for a most amazing experience! The instruction has been outstanding: clear and systematic, supportive and encouraging, relaxed and cool. I’d felt so apprehensive at the start, but from day 1 felt completely safe and well taken care of out there on the waves, whatever the conditions, and simply have had so much epic fun. (Yes, Shannon, the smile on my face is also because of you!) We experienced all conditions, from beautiful sunny days with gentle waves, to rough rainy conditions, and even went out the back! Thanks again too to Ash and Paolo who convinced me to start learning to surf now, i.e. in winter — I’m glad I didn’t wait (until it got warmer). I’ve been telling everyone: you can’t live in Bondi and not try surfing! My life is such that I won’t become a fulltime surfer, but I absolutely understand how amped people get — after my very first lesson I was so stoked and already thinking, wow I’m addicted. And WOW is a particularly special initiative — the two groups of women I encountered have become great communities, who keep in touch and often head out to catch a wave together.
Looking forward to my next WOW lessons!

The Sounds Of Bondi

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Surf School founder Brenda Miley got together with YouTube Music to tell the story of Bondi through sounds. Growing up in the Eastern Suburbs Brenda has lived, breathed and experienced the coastal lifestyle her entire life. 

Bondi Beach is a very unique place, when you are sitting on the beach you feel like you could be anywhere in the world but you are next to Australia’s biggest city.In Bondi Beach everyone is welcome and anything goes!

Crashing waves, laughter and party tunes in the sunshine… these are the sounds of Bondi! 

Waves of Wellness

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Lets Go Surfing are so stoked to be involved with the WAVES of WELLNESS program.

Waves of Wellness Foundation (WOW) is mental health surf therapy charity, committed to changing lives by delivering for-purpose innovative programs for people experiencing mental health challenges.

The programs break down the barriers and stigma that prevent people from being well. Get wet and have a good time, we say. And it’s a simple enough creed, but the message runs deeper than that: it’s OK not to be OK, and that you don’t have to – ever – go it alone.

WOW believe dealing with mental health is not just about dealing with crisis, but that it’s also about finding healthy outlets for people who are struggling, recovering and doing fine. By facilitation conversations and connection and by increasing awareness, they want to change the way mental health is viewed and treated.

Lets Go Surfing and WOW run 6 and 8 week courses on Bondi Beach. Working together to create positive experiences in the ocean.

Salt water therapy!

Urban Fitness Solutions

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We love being outdoors and keeping active and therefore we work closely with Urban Fitness Solutions, who are Sydney based personal trainers that believe in Training for Life. They are all about living better for longer and achieving optimal health and wellbeing in your 40’s and beyond.

With a holistic approach to health and wellness, the team have a combined 25 years of experience across fitness, injury rehabilitation, nutrition, weight loss, emotional wellbeing and stress management.

They understand the daily challenges, pace and stress of life and design integrated, tailored programs that will help you power up for the long haul to achieve optimal health. If you’re looking for a personal trainer, give them a call



Australian Marine Conservation Society – Leave only footprints

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Every day we have the privilege to enjoy the ocean and the beach. To preserve its natural beauty we want to give back and help protect the precious marine environment.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) is the voice for Australia’s ocean wildlife. They are an independent charity, staffed by a committed group of professional and passionate scientists, educators and advocates who have defended Australia’s oceans for over 50 years.

We’d love your support so when booking a lesson you have a chance to help this great cause by donating $1 to our Leave Only Footprints Donation Project. At the end of the year, every dollar donated will be given to the Australian Marine Conservation Society who will use this money towards projects protecting our ocean. 

Why are we doing this? Lets Go Surfing understands the importance of looking after our environment. We live, work and play in the ocean, therefore we want to do everything in our power to preserve its beauty. Whether our feet are on the sand, on a board or in the office, our eyes are fixed on the horizon to ensure the future is bright for the next generation. After researching a number of charities we decided that AMCS was a great fit with what we believe in and want to protect. Along with your donation, Lets Go Surfing are also going to contribute to the project and together we can help AMCS make a difference. 

For more information on what work AMCS is doing please follow this link. 

As surfers, our life revolves around the ocean. We love the water and our amazing beaches, so it is extremely important that we respect and cherish our environment. We are so lucky to have such caring and passionate environmental warriors on our team who lead us on our ‘leave only footprints’ mission” – Craig “Wacca” Wachholz

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