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Byron Bay is one of the world’s most renowned surf destinations in one of the world’s most surf driven countries — AUSTRALIA. The town is blessed with stunning beaches, miles of pure sand, dense rainforest home to a range of native species (including koalas) and 220 square kilometres of surrounding marine park. Byron Bay has been a haven for surfers since it was first discovered in the 1960s and converted from a fishing, whaling and dairy town into a happy, hippy surf heaven.

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Written by: Courtney McCaffrey

Meet Paolo

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Name: Paolo Palazzolo

Age: 31

Job Title: Retail/Shop Manager and Senior Coach

What you actually do: My day to day job is to efficiently run the Bondi store and check in centre. I do all the buying of our Retail products including Softboards, Wetsuits and Accessories. I also design all the LGS Merchandise including T-shirts, Boardshorts, Hats and other LGS Merchandise

Surfboard you ride and why: I have a large quiver of boards for all conditions but primarily I ride Shortboards. For sloppy Bondi I ride my 5’10 JS BlacBox2. For good to really good waves under 5ft I ride my 5’9 Channel Islands Sampler Round Tail. For waves bigger than 6ft I ride my Step-up which is a 6’2 Al Merrick Semi Pro KS12. If it is really small I have a 9’1 Hayden Lewis Log. I have a few other old favourites I like to ride when I feel nostalgic. Lastly and most importantly living in Bondi I have two Softboards, a 5’0 Catch Surf Stump and an 8’0 Softlite Chopstick.

Wetsuit you wear and why: I have quite a large selection of wetsuits which is a perk of my job. Mostly I wear the O’Neil O’riginal longsleeve wettie top and boardies if it is warm. For Autumn and Spring my go to suit is O’Neill Hyperfreak Short Arm steamer. When the mercury really drops I go for a O’Neill Psychofreak 3/2 to keep me nice and warm and cosy in the water.

Best tip for beginner surfers: Go Surfing! There is no better practice than going surfing no matter what the conditions are. Every time you surf you learn.

Who has been the biggest influence in your life: Growing up definitely my parents. These days my partner Gypsy and my son Atlas would have the biggest influence on my life.

What kinds of things really make you laugh: Memes, memes and more memes. I tend to find lots of random things funny that my partner Gypsy thinks are mainly stupid. Kook of the Day and KookSlams is always good to brighten up your day.

What’s your favorite place in the entire world: The ocean. Being anywhere in the world in the ocean with fun waves is where I love to be.

What’s your biggest goal in life right now: To be the best Father I can to my son Atlas.

If you could choose one superpower, what would it be and why: The Superpower I would choose would be teleportation like the movie Jumper. To be able to jump anywhere in the world I wanted to be and take people with me.

How would you describe yourself in three words: Friendly bearded legend!

Which is more logical to follow—your heart or your head: Follow your heart. Do what makes you happy in life and enjoy it.


World Oceans Day

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Our Oceans, Our Future

June 8 is World Oceans Day and at Lets Go Surfing we are pretty excited about days like this. Although we believe every day for us is “Ocean Day”, we are stoked an organisation like World Oceans Day highlights to the world, the importance of the Ocean we all are so lucky to surf and play in!

At the moment there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean…But can you feel a change?  Do you hear more people talk and care about our oceans, marine life and the way we do things? At LGS we believe so…

Today we want to shine a light on encouraging solutions to plastic pollution and preventing marine litter for a healthier ocean and a better future.

So what do we do at LGS? (not only today…)  small changes can make big differences

We have always been environmentally aware and caring however, recently we launched a new strategy to become the best Eco Friendly surf school we can be and to try to lead our amazing Surf School industry . Our 2017 initiative is “Leave only footprints”and some of our initiatives will include providing our team of over 80 professional Surf Instructors with reusable coffee cups & water bottles, our staff won’t be using single use coffee cups anymore, or using plastic water bottles, we will work with our partners & suppliers to minimise and hopefully eliminate the acceptance of loads of plastic packaging.

And while we’re on the beach our coaches will start carrying enviro bags during lessons to collect and put rubbish in from the beach and do our part of #take3forthesea and educate our students about the importance of a healthy ocean.

What can you do?

Think about your daily life and the things you use. Get your own take away coffee cup and bring it down your favorite cafe, recycle, make compost at home, pick rubbish up and inspire people to do the same. Think that small things can have a big impact!
We’d love to see your action for World Oceans Day today so do something for the ocean, snap a shot and post it anywhere using #worldoceansday and let us know about it @letsgosurfingaustralia

5 Things to know before buying a surfboard

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  1. Your level:

Make sure you have a good idea what kind of surf experience you have. Ask yourself a few questions:

– What type of waves do I surf?

– Can I paddle?

– Do I surf unbroken waves or do I stand in shallow water surfing whitewash?

– Do I or will I surf different beaches?

All these factors are important and narrow your search down. Be honest with yourself, we’re not all Mick Fanning or Sally Fitzgibbons. If you need assistance to find where you are with your surfing  please walk in anytime at our surf shop/school in Bondi and Maroubra or Byron Bay. 

  1. How often do I surf?

You know already that surfing takes lots and lots of practice, that’s why we love it so much! Do you or will you surf everyday? Once a week or once a month?

This is a really important factor because it will affect your progression. If you are surfing every day you will improve more and can choose a board that is a bit more challenging. If you will only surf once a week or less you want a surfboard that makes it a lot of fun the few times you surf.

  1. Hardboard/fiberglass or Softboard:

Now you have a good idea about your level you need to decide if you want a fiberglass or a softboard. As a surf school all the boards we sell are softboards.

These days Softlite  or Catch surf  make such good quality softboards with good shapes that we see our coaches surfing more on them than fiberglass boards!

Here is a quick rundown of Softboards. 

– Safer for beginner surfers – Better for intermediate/advanced surfer

– Not easy to ding or break – Fragile, easy to ding or break

– Can have soft or hard fins – Only hard fins

– Catch waves easy – More paddle power required

– Very buoyant – Less buoyancy, gain more maneuverability

If you are looking for a board that can take a few punches, makes you paddle easy in waves and is safer to use (definitely between a lot of other surfers) we highly recommend you to buy a soft board as a beginner/intermediate surfer.

  1. How to decide the size of your surfboard

Are you an adult buying a surfboard? Or a parent buying it for your son or daughter?

Much of the size of the surfboard depends on the surfers level, weight and length. A kid who will grow a lot in the next year or 2 you want to buy a surfboard they can grow with and still surf on in a year’s time. Biggest mistake we see people make is to buy a board that is too small. Yes it fits easy in your car, public bus, under your arm…But you want to be able to surf, so buy what you need in water. All of us started there.

Things you are looking for as a beginner/intermediate surfer in a surfboard:

  • – Length (easy paddling and making speed, helps catching smaller waves)
  • – Buoyancy (the thicker the board the better it floats the more waves you catch)
  • – Width (a wide board gives you more stability and will help you stand up consistently)

Choosing the dimensions of your board can be tricky and we would recommend you to come and see us in our shop and our team can help you choosing the right size board for you.

  1. Try different boards before buying

Do you buy a car without taking it for a test drive? No. Same rule applies for buying a surfboard. At Lets Go Surfing we have a wide range of rental boards and you’re more than welcome to try them out FOR FREE for 30min or rent boards for 1hr, 2hrs, the day or week.

Renting surf boards is one of the best ways to find out what boards works for you and sometimes even better; to find out what NOT works for you.

Swim Sisters test out Speedos Modesty Suits

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“Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid. Courage means you don’t let fear stop you.” Bethany Hamilton

I was born and bred in Northern Rivers NSW, the home of my ocean passion, and the land of some of the most incredible beaches in Australia. It’s funny though isn’t it, the process of going to the beach, especially here in Australia, the ritualism and sentimentality, a place of its own rules. You grab your towel, sunnies, thongs and sunscreen, step onto the sand and breath in the air, you feel at home; the prospect of cold, salty water on your face is almost too much to bear. You scope out the beach, to the left a group of ocean swimmers taking the rip up the side out to the back for a peaceful swim, the kids kicking up sand and digging holes for their fortresses, the surf lifesavers manning the beach providing us with protection, and finally there they are, the surfers.

The concept of surfing was always interesting, but I always threw it into the too hard basket, as though I would never be able to do that, or if I did I would look ridiculous trying. Today the Swim Sisters overcame some of our fears, we took the courage we have built from swimming, and today we learned how to surf!! To be honest I was excited but nervous, what if I can’t do this? What if people get annoyed at us? What if, what if what if? But once we arrived the beautiful staff at “Let’s Go Surfing” in North Bondi eased all of these worries. First, they showed us an overview of the beach, one were familiar with for swimming, but not so much for surfing. Surfing was just always there, you know the pocket on the beach where the swimmers weren’t allowed, and as someone who grew up near the beach their whole life, with a dad and brother who surfs, you would think I knew more about it. You know what they say; ignorance is bliss, so not the case for surfing, my ignorance had me missing this awesome life changing sport.

We then headed down to the beach and grabbed our boards for some on beach training, boards on the ground with us lying on top, emulating the coolness of the surfer but lacking the reality of just how hard it really is. My inner voice was saying yes you can do this, my fears telling me I was too big to even get on a board, too uncoordinated to even catch a wave, those darn fears. We finally got in the water for a little laying down wave catching session, off we went, getting through the first bit of whitewash, paddling to the first set of small waves. Finally we reached the second sand bar with some ideal small waves, so turning around, with the wave 2 metres behind us my training rhetoric began, “paddle, paddle, paddle, wave touches the feet, paddle, two, three and chicken wing arms, presto”. These instructions may only make sense to a surfer, but they are elemental in learning whilst not drowning! The first few waves were a bit of a flop, but then something clicked, I got the timing my paddle to chicken wing arms weight shifting ratio had met its prime and I caught a wave all the way into the shore, and one after the other we all got the hang of it!

Today we were especially grateful to have this experience with Lets Go Surfing because we got to try out Speedo’s amazing new modesty suits. I love Speedo, they are durable, practical and most of all understand that we have a job to do in the water. I have been hanging for a modesty range from Speedo for a really long time; they embrace women’s differences and understand that we all have different needs, not to mention they last a lifetime.  

Next, we would head back into land for the standing up bit; you know the bit where we get validated into the surfing hall of fame. So boards down on the beach, lying down, a couple of visual lessons and then a bit of on sand practice and out we went. I was repeating the instruction, feet on the tail, feet flexed, paddle, paddle, paddle, wave on feet, paddle, two, three, chicken wing arms, back foot up, front foot up, surfing. Easy right? Hmmm, not so much. But much to our surprise, a few practice runs, and a few of us were up, yes surfing wave’s baby. I think the most memorable moments were catching the big waves all on our own, just riding with the power of water behind you, cruising off into the sunset, or in our case a few small children and our sister surfers. By this time one of the local dads who was coaching his young son, had decided he would help push us off into the wave. It was at this moment I realised, in the water there is no judgement. The world of surfing lives within its own bounds and community, with its own rules that one must be inducted into with courage and optimism, never give up, no matter how hard, respect each other, no matter who you are.

Unfortunately all amazing things have to come to an end; we reluctantly headed into shore, legs of jelly and arms weak, but our hearts and passion stronger than ever. We have conquered a lot in this swimming group, made up of mums and mothers to be, lawyers, dentists, scientists, uni students and swimming instructors. Learning to surf today just adds to the lists of skills we are obtaining, to the fears we are subsiding, and to the courage we are expressing. In the spirit of the day and because quotes are cliché and inspiring, Sir Kelly Slater summed it up,

“It’s like the Mafia, once you’re in you’re in. There is no getting out”.

So look out world, here come the Surfing Sisters.  

Until next time, hang loose.  

Gina (Surf Mafia recruit April 2017)

The Byron Bay Future Legends

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The Future Legends Story

The team at Lets Go Surfing were stoked to provide sponsorship for The Byron Bay Future Legends Surf Competition over the ANZAC long weekend. Lets Go Surfing donated a Rash Vest for each participant that they could wear in the competition and then keep afterwards.

Byron Bay locals Yvonne and Max started the ‘Future Legends’ contest 23 years ago, this is how the contestant began:

Yvonne and Max were fortunate on a number of occasions to spend some time at Makaha in Hawaii with Rell Sunn “The Queen of Makaha”.

Rell Kapolioka’ehuka Sunn was a champion surfer and water woman, when her daughter Jan was small, Rell started a contest for kids “The Menehuni” (Legendary mischievous little people of Hawaii, kind of like the Leprechauns) Rell removed the plaques off the many trophies she had won and used the trophies for prizes in her first ‘Keiki” or kid’s contest.

With Rell’s help and encouragement we started a similar contest in Byron Bay, known as the “Future Legends” The Future Legends contest is held in conjunction with the Byron Bay Malibu Club’s Classic each year. Yvonne and I were both foundation members of the club and are life members.

This year 2017 was the 23 rd. anniversary contest. Each year similar to Rell’s, we write and illustrate a colouring in/story book for each child, with subjects ranging from surfing education, surf safety, surf etiquette to keeping the beaches and ocean clean.

Our contest varies a little from Rell’s in so much as we give each child an equal trophy so they are all winners. This comprises of a “Show Bag” type bag which contains a tee shirt, colouring in book, wax, stickers and any other surf orientated goodies we can find.

The Future Legends contest is held in conjunction with the Byron Bay Malibu Classic each year.

Sadly Rell passed away in 1998 after a long battle with breast cancer, so it is our wish to perpetuate this ocean awareness and water wise idea for kids under 12 that she helped us start and as we adore the little ones with all their enthusiasm and energy, we hope in some way the subtle suggestions and warnings in the little colouring book, which draws on our combined 100 years as water man and woman will help keep them safe by being water wise and allow them to enjoy the wonderful healthy sport of surfing….

Max and Yvonne Pendergast.

Bondi Restaurants Case Study with Brenda Miley

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Sunshine, epic food and fun waves!

Tourists love to come to Bondi Beach and spend time in the ocean and learn to surf. They also love to spend time with the locals and do what the locals do which is eat at our amazing restaurants.

At Bondi Beach we are spoilt for choice, from delicious Fish and Chips on the beach to fine dining at Icebergs. Check out Lets Go Surfing’s Founder, Brenda Mileys view on restaurants in Bondi Beach by clicking the play button.

Lets Go Surfing provides half or full day surf tours that include lunch at some fabulous locations.

Be Bold For Change….Change Your World by Brenda Miley – The Business Woman in Boardshorts!

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21 years ago, as I walked out on my job as a PE teacher, my mum said ‘Please don’t leave teaching, it’s such a good job for a woman‘.  I agreed, but kept on walking into my own business, where luckily, I was still a teacher, just a teacher of all things surfing.  I’d left the security of a full time teaching career, to the unknown of this new idea of trying to make a living out of teaching surfing.  Rewind to the early 90s, there were not really any surf schools, a fledgling surf school industry was developing but everything had to be created from scratch.   So with an adventurous spirit and a preparedness to take risks to follow a passion deep within me,  I set up Lets Go Surfing (LGS) in 1995 out the back of a van at Bondi Beach, with 5 surfboards and an idea to promote women in surfing.

My life as a surfing instructor started then, but my journey in the ocean,  started way before that.  Way before there were women’s wetsuits (that actually made you look OK). Way before it was universally accepted to be a female surfer in the line up.  It started with a passion for the ocean that came from within when I caught my first wave on my dad’s back when I was 3.  It continued as I bodysurfed the shore dump at Coogee at 8. It continued as I walked everyday of the school holidays from Coogee to Tamarama  with a bodyboard under my arm, to spend 6 hours in the water and then to walk home again at the age of 12.  When I turned 14 I started riding a coolite at Tamarama, then as I progressed to a fibreglass board at 16, I cut my teeth at Maroubra and then finally Bondi Beach!

With the surfing bug fully entrenched in my life, I competed in all levels of competition from club level through to Australian titles, and discovered the absolute joy of travelling the world to surf.   It was often daunting, being the only woman in the surf.  I wanted to change the way girls experienced surfing and wanted to encourage them, so teaching surfing was the next step.  After setting up LGS, there were a lot of women who also wanted a women’s only boardriders club.  I set up Bondi Girls Surfriders Club (BGSR) in 1999 with some other like minded surfer girls, so women could feel safe to be able to compete in a girls only club and not feel embarrassed when constantly being compared to the boys.

Armed with a passion for teaching, surfing and making a difference to women’s lives, I discovered running a surf school was exactly what I was meant to be doing.  Fast forward to 2017, LGS is an award winning business, operating at Bondi, Maroubra and Byron Bay.  It is an equal opportunity employer for both men and women.  I am surrounded by an incredible team of women working in a range of areas from surf coaching , to marketing, business development, customer service and accounts.  I have proudly supported women to develop careers at LGS , having families along the way, without ever thinking about a glass ceiling!  When I look out to the surf and see women of all ages catching waves, I feel a sense of pride and happiness.   I still love a tropical surfing holiday and continue to search for new locations and adventures, all the while being the “Business Woman in Boardshorts”…. Sorry mum, sometimes you’ve just gotta change your world to live the life you want!

Mardi Gras!

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Mardi Gras is coming to Sydney for the 39th year!


This spectacular event brings people from all around the world for a celebration of the LGBTQI community! The main event – the Mardi Gras Parade is on the 4th of March from 7 PM and is a must see, full of glitz and glam!


While in Sydney enjoying all of the fun and parties, get down to Bondi Beach for a refreshing swim or surf!


We supply boards for hire and lessons for all abilities. If in town for Mardi Gras and keen to learn to surf we are offering $20 off our Adult Group lessons! These lessons are a great way to learn the basics of surfing and then you get to tell your friends that you learnt to surf on world-famous Bondi Beach!!


Just use the coupon code MARDI20 on checkout when purchasing a Bondi Surf Experience and you will get $20 off! Just hit BOOK NOW

Surfing with DanTDM- TheDiamondMinecart

Location: 9:32 am

Working at Lets Go Surfing in Bondi Beach, I’m lucky enough to teach people from many walks of life to surf, but it isn’t every day I teach someone like DanTDM.

Dan TDM is a Youtube personality and professional gamer who goes by the handle The Diamond Minecart. His Utube channel has over 13.8 million subscribers! Check out his Vlog  about his surfing experience below sourced from his Utube Channel.

Dan came to Australia this Summer and wanted to learn to surf… where better than world famous Bondi Beach! Dan came along to his lesson,  equipped with a GoPro and his own personal camera man to capture all the thrills and spills of our time in the water. Dan is pretty good at ‘surfing the net’ as his fans are all very aware, however this was his first time surfing waves which requires some pretty different skills. After three warm-up waves, Dan was up and riding all the way into shore, which was pretty impressive for a first timer!

Not only did Dan have myself cheering him on, he had lots of young fans who were in other Lets Go Surfing surf lessons giving him lots of encouragement. Dan managed to stand up on every single wave, and even did a few turns! It was obvious Dan was having a great time, as he couldn’t wipe his smile off his face!

At the end of the lesson, lots of kids and parents stopped and asked Dan to get a photo with Dan, in which Dan was more than happy to pose for! Thanks again for coming to surf with us Dan! We hope to have you back for another lesson next time you come back to Australia!


Senior Instructor at LGS

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